2019 BMW 3 Series Revealed; Coming to India next year

The BMW 3 Series has remained one of the best selling BMW’s ever since it was first released 40 years ago. Now, BMW has released the updated 2019 BMW Series at 2018 Paris Motor Show. This latest G20 generation is the 7th iteration of the 3-Series.

Looks of G20 BMW 3-Series

The design of this new 3-Series is heavily inspired by the latest 5-Series. The new 3 Series manages to look a higher segment car thanks to added muscular design lines. Its bonnet has a strong design lines that lifts up the middle section.

Also, the flared arches help increase its presence on the road and give is a good stance. The kidney grille is larger than before but it’s not overdone like their SUVs.

From the side, the new 3 series manages to look sportier thanks to the more prominent ‘Hoffmeister Kink’. The roof line is downward sloping which gives it the GT look.

The rear for the car has the new L shaped LED taillights that are also seen in the 5 Series. In fact, the rear profile looks mostly similar to the new 5 series. Have you seen the new BMW Z4?


Compared to the outgoing model, the new 3 Series is 76mm longer, 37mm wider and sits slightly lower. The wheelbase has been upped by 41mm and the front and rear track is wider by 43mm and 21mm, respectively.

In terms of weight, the G20 3 series is 55kg lighter than the outgoing model.


BMW is always criticized for being slow with their interior design updates. However, they have made a lot of changes to the new 3 series. The dashboard looks uncluttered and the air conditioner controls are moved around to free up space.

There is a 5.7-inch digital instrument cluster is paired with an 8.8-inch touchscreen in the middle. Customers also get an option to upgrade to 12.3-inch instrument cluster and 10.2-inch touchscreen. The new 3 series also gets BMWs intelligent personal assistant feature with voice and gesture control.

Engine and Gearbox

It will initially come with five powertrain options. The 320i and 330i will carry the same four-cylinder engine but in a different state of tune.

This four-cylinder turbocharged petrol motor will make 184 PS of power in the 320i and 258 PS of power in the 330i. In similar fashion, the 318d and 320d will carry the same 2.0-litre turbo diesel engine in the different state of tune, making 150 PS and 190 PS respectively.

The 330d will get a more potent 3.0-litre straight-six diesel engine that makes 265 PS of power.

For the gearbox, there will be an automatic 8 speed ZF unit. Watch Nick Shield explaining the new G20 3 Series-

When will it come to India?

The new 3 series will be launched in various international markets on 9th March 2019. Therefore it’s safe to say that new BMW 3 series will arrive in India by the end of next year.

Special Features

Major car makers are working on autonomous technology and the new 3-Series will also get some of these features. This includes lane departure warning, pedestrian warning, city braking function, and updated cyclist detection system.

Other options include Active cruise control with stop and go capability and driver assistant with rear collision prevention and cross traffic alert.

The more advanced Driver Assistant Professional will also be offered. This controls the steering wheel and keeps the car in its designated lane. It also comes with Active Parking Assist.

As told before, we can only expect to see this new 3-Series by the end of 2019 in India. When launched, it will compete with Mercedes-Benz C class, Audi A4 and Jaguar XE.

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