BMW 3 Series or Jaguar XE?

Garvit Oberoi asked 3 years ago

Hi, I am considering to buy a new luxury sedan. Most of the time I will occupy the rear seats while on my 50km office commute. However, I plan on driving the car myself on weekends. Suggest the best car between bmw 3 series and the Jaguar xe.

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1 Answers
Siddharth Sharma Staff answered 3 years ago

Hi Garvit, Between the two cars, I will suggest you go for the Jaguar XE mainly because it’s more comfortable at the rear. Moreover, don’t think that XE is behind 3-Series in terms of driving pleasure. The steering feedback of the XE is best in the segment, chassis is sorted and the engine is powerful enough. That said, BMW’s cabin is quieter that the XE. Apart from the XE, you should also have a look at new Audi A4 that was launched recently (read more here)

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