Baleno Delta Petrol or Ignis Zeta Petrol?

Ram asked 2 years ago

Which one is better for long time between Baleno Delta Petrol & Ignis Zeta Petrol And Why plz answer in detail

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Guest Author Staff answered 2 years ago

Hi Ram,
So, here are the major differences:
Ignis zeta: push button start, keyless entry
Baleno Delta: Climate control
Baleno has a conventional design that became an instant hit so it’s likely to hold its value when you decide to sell it off. The Ignis is a hard sell because of its quirky design just like Ritz. The push button start works best with the ciaz or ertiga diesel that also have engine start stop. In ignis, if you push the button on a long traffic signal, it turns off the music. An annoyance as I found out. It doesnt happen in the ciaz or ertiga diesel because they have auto start stop.
The infotainment area and climate control in the Ignis is also designed to look good only with the touchscreen system that you get in the Alpha variant. With lower trims, it just looks plain ugly.
The Ignis is also overpriced for what it offers.
Buy Ignis if: You are in love with its design OR you are getting a good discount (something like Rs. 30,000). Negotiate hard with the dealer to get an idea of the offer you can get. See if you can get Rs. 10,000 discount and free insurance.
Otherwise, the baleno Delta has all the same features as the Ignis for only Rs 25,000 more. That difference will be negated at at the time of resale, where the Baleno will hold its value better than the Ignis.
–Guest Author

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