Buying Decision: Ford Figo 1.2(P) vs Hyundai Grand i10 (P)

Amol Deshmukh asked 2 years ago

Hello Team, My name is Amol Deshmukh,31, working as investment advisor in Pune. I want to buy a car as my monthly driving is around 600Km and it covers mainly city driving. My budget is around 6.5 Lakh. I have test driven Ford Figo 1.2(P) & Grand i10(P) in which i like Figo most. My priorities are safety of passengers & car should be driver enthusiasts. Could you please suggest best suitable car for me? Thanks in advance

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Siddharth Sharma Staff answered 2 years ago

Hi Amol,
Since you mentioned that passenger safety and driving pleasure is your priority, there’s is the clear winner- the Ford Figo. Safety-wise, the Ford Figo Titanium variant comes with 6 airbags along with ABS. Hyundai on the other hand only offers 2 airbags even in the top variant. Coming to the driving pleasure, the Figo’s 1.2-litre engine delivers power very early in the rev range, making it excellent for city commute. Whereas, the Grand i10’s rubbery gearshift feel can get bothersome after a while. Ford Figo’s steering has a good feel and it remains sure-footed during high-speed cornering. Grand i10, on the other hand, can feel unpredictable in the same situation. I hope this answer gives you the confidence of go with your intuition 🙂

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