Royal Enfield 650cc vs Harley Street 750

Vikas Jain asked 1 year ago

I am planning to buy my first big bike next year. I heard that RE is bringing out their 650cc motorcycles. Now, I was earlier planning to go for Harley-Davidson Street 750 but now I am confused. Should I wait for Royal Enfield?

2 Answers
Guest Author Staff answered 1 year ago

Vikas, the Royal Enfield 650 will have a competitive price tag and it’s coming to India around summers of 2019. Reading between the lines of Siddharth Lal, we can say that it’ll be around Rs. 3.0 lakh (ex-Delhi). That makes it a fantastic offering. The small-ish engine will be fairly cool for everyday use. The torque will make it easy to ride with minimal gear changes. RE won’t make the mistake again by launching this bike with problems, so expect it to be trouble-free compared to the carburetted Himalayan.
The Harley Davidson Street 750 will obviously have more street cred but a higher maintenance cost and depreciation as well. The Street 750, you’ll have to be careful when parking it by the roadside.
Here’s the answer:
If you plan to ride the bike as often as possible, then the RE will be better.
If you want to get along with other Harley owners and care more about your image, then Street 750 will be the better option.

Guest Author Staff answered 1 year ago

Correction: Typo error: The Royal Enfield 650cc is coming around Summer of 2018 (not summer of 2019)