Car Window Sticking to Rubber? Lubricate Car Window Tracks

Power windows are a great convenience. However, they might sometimes have issues like switch failure, anti-pinch sensor error, motor going kaput, and also sticking windows.

Today we are going to talk about the problem of car windows sticking to the rubber on its sliding track. This is one of the most common problems people face with powered windows.

Fixing sticking windows can be as simple as using some silicone spray lubricant on the rubber tracks.

When power windows go up and down, they follow a grove of the rubber seal. This rubber seal acts as a sound and weather insulation.

But with exposure to sun and weather, the rubber might start deteriorating. This then becomes a problem when the rubber starts sticking to the windows, making it hard for the motor to move the window up or down.

Spray some silicone spray to lube the car window track
Spray some silicone spray to lube the car window track

You’ll need a Silicone Lubricant for this job as it’s an awesome car window seal lubricant. Check the latest Price of Silicone lubricant Spray on Amazon- Click Here

Follow this procedure to fix sticking car windows:

1) Roll the window all the way down
2) Spray the silicone lubricant between the rubber channel
3) Roll the window back up
4) spray the silicone lubricate on the edges of the seal
5) Wipe the excess lubricant. All Done!

Scotty Kilmer explains it well in this video:

Silicone lubricant is great for restoring rubber and plastic parts. You can literally extend the life of products as silicone prevents cracking and makes the rubber supple again (think of it as a moisturizer for rubber). Plus, it’s water resistant lubricant so it won’t wash away easily when it rains or when you wash your car.

No wonder it’s an excellent car window seal lubricant. If the rubber grooves are too dirty then you can also use earbuds to clean the window tracks even further.

Can you use engine oil for lubricating rubber? No, definitely don’t use engine oil because mineral oil might not suit the rubber. And even if it did, the oil will attract a lot of dirt and grime that will be difficult to clean from the tight grooves.

Can you use Bar of soap instead? Yes, many people say that rubbing a bar of soap at the edge of rubber seal fixed sticky rubber. However, the good effect only lasts for a short time because soap washes off easily.

Is there any dedicated product for it? Although Silicone Spray works well for making car window operation smooth, we do have some dedicated products for this issue. One of them is 3M Window Channel Dresser.

sticking power windows might lead to motor failure
Power window motor assembly might go bad if overloaded with operating sticking windows

Even if your windows aren’t sticking too much it’s worth it to spray just a little bit of silicone lube every year or so. Your windows might be sticking but the power motor might be compensating for it. This will tire out the motor eventually and it might go bad sooner. And while you’re at it, give few squirts inside the ignition lock

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Car Window Sticking to Rubber? Lubricate Car Window Tracks
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Car Window Sticking to Rubber? Lubricate Car Window Tracks
Car windows can start sticking to the rubber runners. This step-by-step method shows how to fix this problem. Also know what is the best lubricant to use in this case and why.
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