What to do if Car Battery Fails?

You must have faced a situation where you are getting late for some meeting or an important work but as you try to start your car, all you get is clicking sound from under the hood and the car simply won’t start.

This is the time you realise that your car also has a battery that had been neglected for a long time, and now it has gone kaput. A battery can be drained due to multiple reasons like Cold weather, car sitting idle for a long time, some electronic accessory sucking the battery juice when you leave it on accidently…etc. Different types of batteries

, you still have some options to start your vehicle, let’s see what you can do if you have a weak car battery-

Jump-starting-car battery

Jump Starting-

This is the most obvious thing to do if you have a weak battery but need to start the car. For this option, you will need a second car and a set of jumper cables. This method will supplement the battery power and easily start your car. It must be easy for you if you have a second car but if not then you will have to call one of your friends or a family member for help.

push-starting-car-low battery

Push starting a car-

Now, this method will only work if you have a manual transmission car and someone to push the car. First, you need to put in the key in and turn it to On position, now press the clutch pedal in and ask someone to push the car, when the car gains some momentum, slot the gear in second gear and take your foot off the clutch. If all the step where done properly then your car should be running now. Now, take the car straight for battery checkup.

If both of these options don’t work for you then you need to call Roadside assistance. To avoid this situation, get the get the health of battery checked up at regular intervals.

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What to do when car battery fails
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What to do when car battery fails
Before you start driving the car, it's the battery's job to start the car. What to do when the car battery fails on you
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