2018 VW Polo will Debut on 16th June

Volkswagen announced that they will be unveiling the all-new Polo hatchback on 16th June 2017. The showcasing of the car will happen in Berlin and people all over the world can view it via web-stream (www.volkswagen.gomexlive.com/vw_live_pk/). Only select media persons are invited to this first reveal event. However, the general public can see the new Polo is flesh at the 2017 Frankfurt Motor Show, starting on 14th September.

Image source: Motorauthority
Image Source: Motorauthority.com

A couple of days back Volkswagen teased the new Polo through image and a Youtube video. The video gave the flashback of how the Polo platform evolved over 42 years of its existence. VW Polo has been one of the most popular hatchbacks worldwide, and over 14 million of these are sold the world over. Now, the upcoming sixth-generation Polo will be larger in size to offer improved cabin space. Despite the size increase, the weight of the car will reduce by 70kgs. The main contributor to this weight loss is the new MQB Platform- MQB AO.

Image Source: Motor1.com
Image Source: Motor1.com

As you can see in the images, several test mules of the sixth-gen Polo have been spotted. Some of them were camouflaged and some were completely uncovered. This gives us a pretty good idea of what to expect and the design in the true VW fashion will carry German sophistication.


Will 2018 VW Polo come to India?

The company confirmed earlier that the sixth-gen Passat will be the only all-new car coming to India in the near future. So it won’t we wise to wait for the new Polo if you are considering the current Polo. One of the issue here is that the sixth-gen Polo is likely to be over 4 meter in length. This won’t let it enjoy the tax benefits in our country. VW India might consider making slight changes to the design to make it a sub-four meter car but nothing can be confirmed as of now. Wait and watch is the only option left with us.

Watch the Official teaser and Polo History-

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