How to Avoid Rip – Off Car Lease Deals

The holidays are approaching, and you’re thinking about hiring a car for your travels. Leasing a car from Walsall limos is a convenient option, especially if you are planning to travel abroad. With several car leasing companies in the market today you want to be sure that you are getting the best deal available. Sometimes, the wedding car rentals are a total rip off, however, the others’ like Wolverhampton wedding car prices are pretty reasonable.

If it is not your first time leasing a car, then you know that renting a car can be expensive in the long run because of the hidden charges that they don’t tell you. Below are some tips to help you avoid being ripped off when hiring a vehicle.

1. Read the terms and conditions 

All rental companies, have a car rental policy, explaining the terms and conditions of the lease. Do not ignore this policy because it can save you a whole lot of money. Have you ever returned a car and later found your credit card was charged for something you had no idea existed? This is usually a result of not reading the fine print properly as explained by Intelligent Car Leasing.

Reading the terms and conditions of your lease will help you avoid hidden charges such as an admin fee if the car is stolen or damaged. Some companies will charge you even if you are covered by insurance. Look out for fuel policies such as the full-empty policy where you are required to pay for a full tank of petrol before you leave among many other policies. Be aware also of the insurance coverage charges to avoid paying high excess costs.

2. Do not pay extra for things you can bring yourself

Many car rental companies will trick you into paying more for simple things like a baby car seat, or a satellite navigator. In other words, you will be hiring stuff that you can carry from home for free. You can always use Google maps for direction or download additional software for your navigator if it does not cover a particular area. Ask the company the extra that comes with the car and decide whether you need them or not.

3. Don’t fall for the upgrade option

As a great planner, you booked your car beforehand, which is good. When you go to pick up your vehicle; however, you are offered an upgrade option because there are no more cars in the category you chose. While this is common, sometimes, companies use it to dupe you out of your hard-earned money. If you ever find yourself in this situation, always request for a higher category car at zero extra cost or pick a car from a lesser category and get a refund.

Before hiring a car, it is best to know the reputation of the rental company you plan to use. You will be in a better negotiating position when you know who you are dealing with. Ask for reviews from people who have used the company before. If you don’t know anyone, ask your online community. People generally praise those who helped and impressed them, and are not afraid to call out those who didn’t.

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