5 Things That Help Lower Your Auto Insurance

Insurance is one of the most costly items in our monthly household budget and motor insurance is one of the most costly ones around. So it’s essential to look to lower the price of your car or truck policy by any means possible. With some simple planning, it’s easy to take a variety of measures that, if used together can make a significant difference to the cost.

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Check Your No-Claims

It’s often forgotten that you get a good discount for having a no-claims history on your policy or policies. What this means is that for every year you’ve had a motor insurance policy and not made a claim then you get a discount on your following policy. It’s essential to remember to request your no-claims certificate from your old insurance company when you change provider as if you don’t provide it to the new company your discount may be canceled and so increasing the amount you may have to pay.

What Is Your Occupation & mileage

It’s important to check that you have the correct occupation on your application for cover as this can substantially alter the amount you pay, so if you have changed jobs make sure you are not paying too much. Make sure you have the correct amount of estimated mileage each year as you don’t want to be overestimating and increasing your premium unnecessarily.

Shop Around For The Best Deal

We’ve been mostly concentrating on factors that will decrease any policy, but if we can shop around then we can find the best deal no matter what our circumstances are. You should check out what is the best you can get through a broker and we find that the best auto insurance agency colorado springs are these guys.

Where Do You Keep Your Vehicle

Where your car is being kept overnight (and to a lesser degree during the day) can have a good, or bad, impact on the price. This is due to the likelihood or not of damage, or theft of the vehicle while it’s not in use. If you can it’s best to keep it off the public road where it can be most in danger. Ideally in the driveway or even better still in the garage, if you have one. As well as being good for insurance you really don’t want to go through the hassle and anguish of having to deal with damage to your vehicle.

Use Technology To Help

Using modern tech can be beneficial in lowering an insurance policy. There are quite a few insurance companies that will offer a discount if you agree to have a GPS tracker installed in your vehicle and then the more safely you drive then the lower your premium will become. Other forms of assistance can also help such as anti-collision technology which lowers risk or if you have things such as immobilizers or even a simple car alarm as any deterrent to a thief lowers the possibility of an insurance claim.

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