4 Things to Keep in Mind For Increasing Tyre Life

Reducing car maintenance expenses is one of the major concern of every car owner. Some people even try to cut corners by extending their service intervals or using cheap consumables and parts. We don’t recommend the above-mentioned methods to save money but we can point you in the right direction- Tyres. Yes, tyres are an expensive consumable therefore that’s a good place to start saving.

The new-generation tyres are quite durable, and some manufacturers are even investing in incorporating low rolling resistance tyres. However, there are few things that you can do to prolong the tyre life.

Car wheel fixed with computerized wheel alignment machine clamp.
Car wheel fixed with computerised wheel alignment machine clamp.

1) Alignment & Balancing-

Improper wheel alignment is the number one cause of premature tyre wear. When the wheels get out of alignment, they start showing signs of odd looking wear patterns and can very quickly chew up your tyres unevenly. Make sure to get your wheels aligned regularly from a shop that has accurate computer assisted machines. The unbalanced wheel is another problem that can put unnecessary stress on the tyres and can also cause vibrations at certain speed. Generally, it’s rectified by installing counterweights (Read more about alignment & balancing).


2) Check Tyre Pressure:

Manufacturers often recommend tyre pressure range to be used for your vehicle. They do that because under-inflated or over-inflated tyres can wear out the tyre faster and can also affect the handling of the car.Most people think that overinflating the tyres reduces tyre wear because it reduces friction. However, the fact is that overinflation changes the profile of the tyre which can increase the tyre wear on the centre area of the tread pattern. Therefore, buy a decent pressure gauge and adjust the cold tyre pressure as per the manufacturer recommended settings.


3) Periodically Rotating Tyres:

All four wheels of a car experience a varied amount of forces depending upon its position in the car. Factors like camber angle or toe settings affect the tyre wear pattern. To ensure that tyres wear off evenly, tyre rotation should be done periodically. Generally, tyres should be rotated after every 8000km. Some people prefer to retread old tyres, so they don’t worry about it.

rotating tyres

4) Smooth Driving-

High speeds, hard braking and frequent direction changes create a considerable amount of heat and increases the tyre wear. The more you use the friction of tyre on unnecessary direction changes and aggressive braking, more you will use up the tyres. Checkout popular tyre brands in India

Now you know how to prolong the tyre life. Happy Motoring 🙂

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Increasing Tyre Life
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Increasing Tyre Life
Tyres of a vehicle is a constantly wearing item. How do you ensure that tyres last longer? We discuss the methods in this article.
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