Riding Better: Importance of Good Vision on a Motorcycle

While doing high speeds while riding or driving, It is important that you look far ahead and scan for any dangerous situations. Sometimes we become too relaxed on the bike and stop scanning the road ahead. Target fixation also happens when we encounter a dangerous situation and freeze up, locking our eyes on the obstacle rather than finding a way around it. The saying “you go where you look” is 100% true. This concept is emphasised in racing school as well as on the streets. Things can get wrong very quickly, and by looking far ahead, you give your brain a chance to process environment.


Another thing that needs to be focused upon is Peripheral vison. Peripheral vision is looking at the wide picture in front you, the focus will be in front only but awareness needs to be all around. Although naturally we humans are not gifted in the peripheral vision department when compared to birds like eagle but we have to make full use of whatever we got. There are several exercises to have more control over our peripheral vision, and it should be practised regularly.

The tunnel vision effect as the speed increases
The tunnel vision effect as the speed increases

The real value of peripheral vision shines when we are travelling at high speed and our vision can’t focus from one point to another as fast as we would want. Having good peripheral vision literally slows things down so that you can focus on the right things at a particular moment.

Good vision ties your action together
Good vision ties your action together

A good vision properly ties all your action you perform on a motorcycle. Think over this- “The value of action is only there in a particular moment, and to know what is the right time for an action is determined by good vision.”

Another thing we have previously talked about is Reference points. To know the reference point, you got to have the good peripheral vision. Know your pointer like braking point, turn-in point, picking up point and exit points is essential. Once you connect all these dots right, you automatically become a safe rider on the road and faster on a racetrack.

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