Royal Enfield Classic 500 Pegasus Edition Price at Rs 2.40 lakh

Royal Enfield has launched a special edition Classic 500 Pegasus Edition. This is also a limited edition model and only 1000 units will be sold wordwide. Out of these, only 250 are allocated for India. The price of this Classic Pegasus Edition has been kept at Rs 2.40 lakh (On road, Delhi). Royal Enfield has a rich history that also includes serving the British army during World War. This Pegasus Edition is the tribute to RE/WD 125 motorcycles that was supplied to the British Army for a special job- To be thrown out of an aeroplane on the battleground. No wonder this motorcycle was nicknamed the ‘Flying Flea’. Check out RE’s new 650cc motorcycles

classic 500 pegasus edition motorcycle

Distinctive Look

Some unique aesthetic elements that come with the Pegasus edition includes distinct serial number stencilled on the fuel tank, Pegasus emblems on the fuel tank, military-style fabric panniers, Parachute regiment moniker, Brown handle grips, a leather securing straps for the air filter, mat black finish instead of chrome for a rugged look.

royal enfield motorcycle

Engine & Gearbox

As the name suggests, the Classic 500 Pegasus Edition is powered by a 499cc, single cyclinder, fuel injected engine that makes 28 PS of power and 41.3 Nm of torque. A 5-speed gearbox does the duty to send power to rear wheel via chain drive.

ceo of Royal enfield posing with Pegasus edition classic 500

Colour Options

There are two colour offerings with the Pegasus Edition- Service Brown and Olive Dab Green. However, all the 250 unit allocated for India will be Service Brown since Military Green motorcycles are used in Indian Army, therefore that colour is restricted for general use. Also: RE Himalayan Coming with a new paint scheme

military inspired modern motorcycle- classic 500 pegasus


RE Classic 500 Pegasus Edition competes with bikes like UM Renegade Commando. But with just 250 units of Pegasus edition in India, the value proposition is good with Royal Enfield that knows how to celebrate its rich history.

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