NCAP Crash Test: Renault Kwid and Base Honda Mobilio Performs Poorly

Renault has pulled a trump card in the form of Kwid. Ever since it was introduced, this budget hatchback has been in demand high enough to break some waiting period records. However, the new Kwid has been awarded a one-star rating in the recently conducted NCAP test.

In the previous NCAP test, the Kwid scored embarrassing poor zero-star. After which, Renault made some safety improvements to the car like adding driver side airbag and a few structural modification. Now, this improved Kwid submitted for safety testing has only managed to score one star.

Explaining the Kwid’s crash test further, NCAP said that the basic version of the car scored zero stars for adult protection, and two for children inside the vehicle. In spite of the top safety-spec Kwid’s driver’s airbag and seatbelt pretensioner, a high level of chest deflection still occurred in a crash. Watch previous test video-

According to the Euro NCAP, a five-start safety rating means: “Overall good performance in crash protection. Well equipped with robust crash avoidance technology”, And one-star means: “Marginal crash protection”.

Honda Mobilio was another vehicle that accompanied the Renault Kwid for the NCAP safety test. The base model of the Mobilio scored zero-stars, while the variant with dual-airbags scored three stars.

Honda Mobilio Crash testing
Honda Mobilio Crash testing

David Ward, Secretary General of Global NCAP has said, “Renault and Honda make safe cars in other markets, they have the know-how to make all their Indian cars much safer. We expect them to start doing so now.”

He added: “Renault has made limited progress, it should be offering their one-star car as the standard version not an option. Honda, too, has shown that with two airbags its car can achieve three stars. These safety systems should not be options.”

Responding on the latest NCAP result, Renault said: “Renault Kwid fully complies with regulations in India. With regard to all of its models around the world, Groupe Renault pays particular attention to the safety of its customers and improves its vehicles throughout their lifecycle.

“Renault is optimising the safety of its vehicles and has announced that a Kwid was released from 9 May in India, after the crash tests done by GNCAP, with higher results expected in terms of safety.”

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