Suzuki Jimny (Gypsy) Reloaded: How Tricked Out Jimny Looks

India-bound 4th generation Suzuki Jimny will soon be unveiled at a major auto show. While we wait for it for come to India, Let’s see what all accessories were offered with the 3rd-gen Jimny in International markets like Cape Town. After going through it you will realize how capable of an offroader Jimny can be especially when there is a ton of aftermarket offroading accessory options (Read: 2018 Suzuki Gypsy (Jimny) Spied)

suzuki jimny spied india
4th-gen Jimny Test mule spotted earlier

Although the Suzuki Jimny came in an extremely satisfactory standard state, Jimny owners and off-road fanatics will understand the need, or perhaps rather they want to make changes for a more personalized drive. Aesthetics, though important, are seldom the sole reason for modifications on these kinds of vehicles. With the smallest adjustments affecting change to functionality and mechanics, details are essential.

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Suzuki dealerships accommodate the modification process by offering the service to customers purchasing a Jimny. As it is a personal choice they facilitate the process by providing suggestions and advice. We had a look at the club demo at one of the Cape Town dealerships who make use of a rather epic customized, beefed up Jimny.

Beefed up Jimny offered by a dealership in Cape Town

The club demo serves as an example of the kinds of changes that can be made to max out on the 4×4 experience. We’ve included a detailed list of the modifications, the reasons behind them as well as suggestions of where to obtain some of the accessories and equipment that has been mentioned.

• The LED lights have been fitted in the front bumper to allow for better floodlight coverage. They are also fitted at the interior rear and the front globe. LED work lamps can be fitted on the roof rack for exterior lighting and spot or floodlights on the roof rack in front. The inclusion of LED lighting in both the interior and exterior of the vehicle result in a lower amperage pulled from the battery but a significantly higher lumen output.

• Standard roof rails have been removed and replaced by a Desert Roof Rack with the following dimensions: 1400 mm x 1060mm. This is fitted with full roof support rails which spread the weight along the length of the roof. Due to the Jimny being a notably smaller 4WD option, the inclusion of a roof rack extends storage space to the roof. Various accessories can be fitted which include a rooftop tent, gas bottle, jerry cans and recovery ladders.

Outgoing Suzuki Jimny in stock form

• Standard tyres have been replaced with all-terrain tyres. Although the standard set is perfectly capable, many customers opt for the all-terrain tyres as they are designed with off-road conditions in mind.The inclusion of 3 ply sidewalls provides extra strength to the body which assists when deflating in off-road conditions. The shape of the tread gives better grip and the casing is stronger.

• Including canvas seat covers, dash covers and spare wheel covers are protective measures. Seat covers shield your seats from the inevitable dirt and mud that is likely to be picked up whilst off-roading. The dash cover protects the dash from the harsh sun. Both the seat covers and the dash covers are supplied with hand pocket to outdoor gadgets. They are extremely durable and can be washed easily. Wheel covers come in two options, as just a cover or with the addition of a pocket which is big enough to carry a packet of charcoal and a braai grid. More ways of lessening the load in the Jimny.

• To get the ideal clearance without affecting prop shaft angles but providing enough vehicle clearance, a 40 mm body lift can be fitted using standard shocks and springs. The alternative is a 50mm aftermarket suspension.

• Rear cargo transformation was put into place. When loading the vehicle for camping, most people require extra space for packing and believe they can achieve this by removing the back seats. This alone does not assist the situation as there is nothing to tie equipment down on. The rear of the Jimny can be converted into either a double or single deck (if rear seats are to be retained). This creates an adequate packing space that all equipment can be safely tied down onto and or stored. An elastic roof cargo net is also available which utilizes the space between the roof and the base of the car’s interior which normally goes unused. Front passenger grab bars have also been fitted to ensure the safety of passengers on turbulent roads.

• Dual battery systems are also fitted to allow for the equipping of fridges, auxiliary lights and USB charging points for laptops, cameras, and phones.

• Undercover protection & recovery points have been included, which are essential when off-roading. The full undercover protection available consists of front and rear differential protectors, radial arm protectors, a transfer case bash plate and rear shock protectors.

• The addition of a steering damper assists on and off-road road holding and better-controlled steering.

Although the club demo has been expansively kitted out, there is a whole range of other options available. Your personal preferences and use of the Jimny will determine how one can kit out the vehicle

Customisation accessories and equipment for this project were sourced from the following vendors: (Maybe link each of these or put contact numbers? ?)
Mekor Suzuki, Kenilworth
4×4 Mega World
Escape Gear
African Sky Outdoor

The club demo is available for viewing at Mekor Suzuki situated in Kenilworth, Cape Town.

If launched in India, the new Jimny (Gypsy) will compete with 2019 Mahindra Thar based on a new platform

Guest post by Razeena Palekar


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