12 Best Driving Roads Outside India

You love driving, don’t you? If you are reading this post then answer should be yes. For some, it depends on the road you are going to drive on. What makes the road so wonderful to drive? Of course, the list of criteria can be never-ending. Everyone’s looking for what he likes the most. Thus, in Italy, you can take a car from InterRent Catania airport and go driving on the route you like. Which one? The most beautiful, dangerous, and exciting ones.

Or, you may go to Germany. Why? It’s not only the country of powerful and huge automotive concerns and races. This is also more than 12 000 kilometers of highways. The first of them was built about 80 years ago. Germany is a right place for drivers, who like speedy highways. This is a chance to drive really fast. Which roads are the best to drive? Which should be on your international driving bucket list? Just hop in the car and go to somewhere from the list below. By the way, it is better to take a flight to the country of your dream first and then, you may take a good car for rent and continue your trip on the road. Let’s look at some of the world’s best driving roads-


Millau Viaduct, France

This is the highest road and the highest highway bridge. Do you know that the world popular Eifel tower is 20 meters lower? This is the best way to look at France from the bird’s eye view. The view from the road is really worth seeing.

Stelvio Pass, Italy

Meet the best driving road in the world. About 48 loops over the Northern slope. The road goes for about 1871 meters up the side of the hill. It is enough to tickle your passenger with the fast and wavy driving. Of course, you’ve got the best nature views ever.


Transfagarasan Highway, Romania

If you want to be a guest of Dracula, you should take a car and drive it by one of the most fascinating roads in the whole of Europe. It is said, it was needed about 6000 t of dynamites to build up the road through the rocks and mountains. Enjoy it!

North Yungas Road, Bolivia

The road is 3 just meters wide. The mountain weather is changeable, heavy fogs and rocky slides and not a scintilla of safety. The mountain road in Bolivia is also called the Road of Death. It is hardly possible to find another such a scaring place to prove yourself.


Guoliang Tunnel Road, China

As if was found out, the road can be built for free! An interesting historical fact, but when the Chinese government refused to build up the tunnel road to the small Chinese village in the mountains, the locals did it with their own efforts! It’s amazing how strong and inventive they were!

Trollstigen, Norway

The road has been building for 5 years! What a long term! The Norway King came to open the road. Just imagine, the road line looks like the huge stairs, cut out nigh in the mountains among the fiords. Driving there is really scaring.

Trollstigen- Troll's way

Going to the Sun Road, USA

Definitely, the Glacier Park in America gathered all the best that the North America land offers. Winter is not the best time to visit these places. The roads are good for dozers only. Welcome here in spring and summer!

Camino de Tres Mil Curvas, Mexico

This is the road of extreme curves and cliffs. Where is the danger? Drug dealers are often guests here! So, just remember the rule: never stop, whatever happens!

Route 1, Iceland

You have a chance to see the views that not every road in the world and even in Iceland can boast. Take your camera with you! You can see the active volcanoes, geysers, waterfalls, rivers and beaches covered with black volcanic sand. You can admire all these attractions just from the window of your car.

Route 1

Southern Alps, New Zealand

You can enjoy the view of the Southern Alps, the so-called Misty Mountains. They are not the Alps of Italy, but you can see the most beautiful landscapes here. The road is about 100 miles long, taking you to Haast Beach.

Nurburgring Nordschleife, Germany

You should come here if you like speedy driving. All speedsters have a dream to drive here one day. The road stretches for 13 miles, opening about 154 turns and loops. It can be very challenging.


Touge Roads, Japan

If you are brave enough to try yourself in drifting, you should come here! Even if you don’t like drifting, you can come to Japan to admire the picturesque Mount Fuji, still active volcano and the highest peak in Japan.
The list of roads is never-ending. Hopefully, they can help you to get more interesting impressions and add some adventurous trip to your travel list. So, what is the best road you’ve even driven? It can be the most comfortable or the most scaring one…Share in the comments below.

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