Massive Pre GST Discount: Audi Stock Clearance

AUDI GST Discount
AUDI GST Discount

In an attempt to clear the existing stock of Audi cars, dealers are offering big discounts. As the industry prepares to move to GST from July 1, many carmakers, especially the big ones, are holding their supplies at the factory. Cars should pop out in bulk once GST goes live. This will save the companies and buyers healthy amounts in taxes. Manufacturers are absorbing most of the price difference and dealers want to make the most out of it. Audi has also announced massive pre-GST discounts to get some cars moving.

Pre-GST Discount

Here’s what you can expect in Delhi:

  • A3 Premium TDI: Rs. 32.3 lakh
    • Discount: Rs. 2.3 lakh
    • Final Price: Rs. 30 lakh
  •  A4 Technology TDI: Rs. 43.3 lakh
    • Discount: Rs. 6.3 lakh
    • Final Price: Rs. 37 lakh
  • A6 Technology TDI: Rs. 53.75 lakh
    • Discount: Rs. 7.25 lakh
    • Final Price: Rs. 46.5 lakh
  • Q3 Premium TDI: Rs. 34.2 lakh
    • Discount: Rs. 3.7 lakh
    • Final Price: Rs. 30.5 lakh
Audi A4
Audi A4

Here’s the list for Mumbai:

  • A3 Premium Plus TDI: Rs. 32.6 lakh
    • Discount: Rs. 2.6 lakh
    • Final Price: Rs. 30 lakh
  • A4 Technology TDI: Rs. 43.7 lakh
    • Discount: Rs. 6.2 lakh
    • Final Price: Rs. 37.5 lakh
  • A6 Matrix TDI: Rs. 54.23 lakh
    • Discount: Rs. 6.23 lakh
    • Final Price: Rs. 48 lakh
  • Q3 Premium TDI: Rs. 34.5 lakh
    • Discount: Rs. 3.5 lakh
    • Final Price: Rs. 31 lakh

And, finally, here’s the list for applicable for Gujrat (applicable in Ahmedabad, Vadodara, Rajkot and Surat):

  • A3 Premium Plus TDI: Rs. 34.67 lakh
    • Discount: Rs. 4.67 lakh
    • Final Price: Rs. 30 lakh
  • A4 Technology TDI: Rs. 46.32 lakh
    • Discount: Rs. 7.32 lakh
    • Final Price: Rs. 39 lakh
  • A6 Matrix TDI: Rs. 57.58 lakh
    • Discount: Rs. 8.58 lakh
    • Final Price: Rs. 49 lakh
  • Q3 Premium TDI: Rs. 36.7 lakh
    • Discount: Rs. 4.7 lakh
    • Final Price: 32 lakh

If you’ve been holding off purchasing an Audi, now’s a good time. But, we’d still suggest you do some cross shopping and squeeze another six-figure discount on top of the prevailing offers. If that seems too difficult, then negotiate free extended warranty and/or complete care package along with the car. It’s a little easier to get these benefits as the dealer doesn’t lose hard cash in such deals. Just a small margin.

Make the most of these GST discounts.

*All prices ex-showroom

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