Mercedes EQ Range And EQ SUV Info Revealed

During the commercial shoot, Mercedes EQ range and Mercedes EQ SUV release date were revealed to a YouTuber.

Mercedes EQ SUV EQ-Class
Mercedes EQ SUV (EQC Electric SUV

Famous YouTuber, ‘WHAT’S INSIDE?’ got a chance to spend a day with the Mercedes EQC. It’s the first of the new EQ-Class electric cars from Mercedes. The Mercedes EQ is still in concept form, but it was mostly functional.

Mercedes EQ Official Page

Mercedes EQ Range

According to the YouTuber, the Mercedes EQ range will be 500km. The Mercedes EQ acceleration (0-100km/h) will be less than 5 seconds.

Mercedes EQ Range
Mercedes EQC Electric SUV

Mercedes EQ SUV Design

The electric SUV is still a concept. So it didn’t have functional headlights, but it had LEDs to fill the spot. The entire profile is unique yet surprisingly similar to a Mercedes coupe SUV.

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Mercedes EQ Release In 2019 price estimation
Mercedes EQ Release In 2019

The paint makes the car look like polished steel. The whole grille is black with LED accents running across. Inside, there are panels with perforations and the LED light filters through those tiny patterns. You can choose any colour for the ambient light. The backseat passengers have a large touchscreen display integrated into the backrest the front seats. The infotainment system and instrument cluster are both parts of a massive widescreen. Half of it is for the driver and the other half for maps, music, etc.

On the top, the Mercedes EQ Concept a clean sheet of glass to capture all the sunlight. The outside mirrors have cameras instead and there are displays on either side of the dashboard. The inside mirror is a display showing live feed from the camera in the back.

Mercedes EQ SUV Release Date

As mentioned in our previous story, Mercedes EQ SUV will go on sale in 2019. The first EQ-Class SUV is the EQC, which is the C-Class/GLC equivalent. Similarly, we’ll have the EQA and EQS. Read: Future of Electric Cars

Mercedes EQ SUV Price

We’re expecting Mercedes EQ SUV price to be US $55,000 (Rs. 35.62 lakh). The GLC currently starts at $40,000 (Rs. 25.9 lakh). Mercedes is also building its own battery factory to keep the price in check.

**(Updated on 22/05/2018) Mercedes EQ to be Made in France**

Mercedes-Benz announced that they will be pumping around 500 million euro into its Hamburg plant in France. This is being done because the Mercedes EQ range of cars will come out of here in coming years. The Hamburg Plant owned by Daimler is dedicated to producing Smart cars and no Mercedes product has come out of that factory since it was established in 1997.

mercedes eq to be made in hamburg, france
Mercedes-Benz Concept EQ to be made in Hamburg, France

Mercedes has not mentioned exactly when the production of EQ SUV will start but just said: “the preparations for the new model in Hambach will start shortly”. Hambach plant is better suited for electric car production because it already churns out batteries for Smart vehicles ever since 2007. And from 2020 onwards, Smart cars will only have electric powertrain.

smart electric car
Diamler’s Smart electric car

First Mercedes Electric car manufacturing facility is in Sindelfingen, Germany. And Hambach will be the second one. Mercedes is betting big on the electric cars and plans to have ten electric car models by 2022. The German carmaker believes that electric cars will account for 15 to 20 percent of the total sales volume.

(Updated on 15/06/18) Video shared by Mercedes-

Check out this interesting video shared by Mercedes Benz, Highlighting the fact the concept EQ is noiseless. Enthusiasts keep saying that they will miss the sound of regular engines with Electric Vehicles, but Mercedes is showing it as a positive trait-

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Mercedes EQ Range And Mercedes EQ SUV Release Date
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Mercedes EQ Range And Mercedes EQ SUV Release Date
During the commercial shoot, Mercedes EQ range and Mercedes EQ SUV release date were revealed to a YouTuber.
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